welcome to antioch!


To awaken this generation to the glory of Jesus.

To empower this generation to walk in His ways!

No matter where you are on your journey, we have a place for you! 

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    The church is not a building.  The church is the people of God. Antioch is a community church because the people of God are often considered to be like family in the Bible.  And we are on mission to help people know God and then be transformed by the powerful message of the gospel right here in Lawrence; from our city all over the globe.  We believe the church - the people of God can be the most transformative force on the planet when we passionately love and radically obey Jesus, humbly love each other, and reach out with the compassion of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to a world that is in desperate need of hope.  

    • The Bible is the authoritative, eternally reliable Word of God
    • God has revealed Himself in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
    • Jesus - His life, death, resurrection, ascension, and eagerly awaited return - is the centerpiece of history and God's plan of redemption
    • All have broken God's law and we are unable to save ourselves
    • Salvation is only attainable by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus alone
    • The Holy Spirit enables every believer to bear fruit, be conformed to the image of Jesus throughout our lifetime, and empowers us to be God's witnesses by distributing His gifts

    get involved

    • Lifegroups are small groups that meet in homes throughout the city each week.  We currently have groups for college students, young adults, and families.  We believe the life of the church is most effectively lived out in a smaller context than our Sundays service.
    • Volunteering is a great way to connect to our church.  We provide multiple opportunities to give back and make an impact through serving.  
    • Discipleship Groups also happen throughout the week.  Groups of 2-5 men or women gather for accountability, fellowship, to care for one another, and to challenge each other in our spiritual development.  The best way to get involved in a DGroup is to first get connected to a Lifegroup.  

    make an impact

    • Impact Trips provide opportunities each year for members of our church to travel around the US as well as internationally to share the gospel, make disciples, and serve others in response to the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20.
    • Antioch Discipleship School is for anyone in our church who wants to go deeper in Biblical training as well as practical life application of Biblical values.  
    • Church Planting -It's our goal to begin planting churches around the US and abroad in the near future and we have a clear pathway for anyone with a desire to pursue that calling.